sustainability development

Sustainable Development Goals: A Way Forward

Introduction to sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals are the goals where we aim to move forward for the innovation and development, taking proper care of the environment and upcoming generations. Sustainable development goals are the one in which the human make innovations and development, and preservation of the natural resources of the environment, including the soil nutrition, water quality and life in water and air quality which will help in the preservation of the natural resources and environment as a whole.

Definition of sustainable development goals

Some of the important definitions of sustainable development, given by many of the major scholars and reports are-

1.      According to the Brundtland report, 1987, Sustainable development has been defined as, “development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. (United Nations General

Assembly, 1987, p. 43)

2.      As seen in United Nations General Assembly, 1987, sustainable development provides a framework for the integration of environmental policies and development strategies, with which the needs of present and future generations are maintained.

Dimensions Sustainable development Goals

Sustainable development goals all over the world have been divided into 3 major session with numerous sub heads under which the development goals have been segregated and made in order to include all the aspects of the environment and ecosystem. These 3 major dimensions of sustainable development are as under.

1.      Economic development – Economic development goals in the sustainable development goals deal with the achievement of economic stability of all the individuals in the world, which will be beneficial in growing the GDP and per capita income of individuals all over the world. Economic development of the societies all over the world helps in order to enhance the innovation techniques and industries with sustainable innovation and development.


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2.      Social development – social development in here deals with the development of the societies on community level, where all the individuals in the world heal and develop strong mental and emotional connections with each other. Social development in area of sustainable development says that all the individuals should be having equal opportunities of work and education in various fields and sectors, which help in the overall development of the societies as a whole


3.   Environmental development – environmental development in the area of sustainable development deals with the conservation of the natural resources like air water and land for the future generations. Conservation of soil, water and land also deals with the conservation of microorganisms and living beings who can be found in all the three, playing a major role in the food cycle which maintains the food cycle of ecosystem and environment as a whole.

sustainability development

Sustainable development goals

Some of the major development goals which have been included in the sustainable development goals, 2030 are as follows-

1.      No poverty- breaking the chain of poverty, and making every individual on the earth have a economic stability and contribute to the development.


2.      Zero hunger- proving to break the hunger chain all over the world and making the world a better place for everyone to be at.


3.      Good health and well-being- better food products and nutrition value in the food items will be included in this goal.


4.      Quality Education- this will include all the education policies which are being made for the better education of the individuals all over the world.


5.      Gender equality- working in the direction of women empowerment and gender equality in the world and industries.


6.      Clean water and sanitation- providing clean water for all the beings and aquatic animals and all humans.


7.      Affordable and clean energy- affordable and clean renewable energy for all the people living in far off areas


8.      Decent work and economic growth- decent work with fair wages and proper growth opportunities.


9.      Industry, innovation and infrastructure- working for the proper innovation and working into the renewable phrase.


10.  Reduced inequalities- reduced inequalities within the individuals in all aspects of the living standards.


11.  Sustainable cities and economies- proper cities with all renewable energies and proper amenities without causing any harm to the environment.


12.  Responsible consumption and production- responsible consumption and less wastage of food and energy in the ecosystem.


13.  Climate action- taking proper action for the climate change and making it a worth place.


14.  Life below water- taking the life under water seriously and stop causing the water pollution.


15.  Life on land- make land and soil a better place for everyone to be at, including the micro organisms who help in the decomposition of the matter and providing nutrients to the plants.


16.  Peace, justice and strong institutions- providing peace and justice to everyone with all the proper institutions which have been established.


17.  Partnership for the goals- creating a group and partnerships in order to get hold of all the goals and made a healthy partnership for the benefits of the environment.

Sustainable development goals at Pavitramenthe

At Pavitramenthe, the sustainable development goals are seen as a major way for the innovation and development for the well being of the soil health and environment as a whole, including all human, living beings and quality of air, water and soil layers. We at Pavitramenthe, believe in the overall development of the earth, focusing especially on the soil health with use of green fertilizers and bio manure, which makes it a healthy choice for the earth’s upper layer which is responsible for providing the nutrients to the crops and plants, directly and indirectly providing nutrition to all the participants in the food chain.


As a conclusion one can say that while working at the development of the farming community and innovation in the fields, it is very important to take care of the development of the earth and whole ecosystem, as changes in any one part of the ecosystem will change the whole scenario of the ecosystem.

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