November 2022

Women Empowerment By Pavitramenthe

Pavitramenthe believes that when you empower women you empower the entire society. Pavitramenthe encourages women’s empowerment remarkably. Pavitramenthe started awareness programs to promote women’s empowerment and helped women at their level best. Some women, who were running a small-scale business embroidery at their home, had lack of some basic facilities e.g. stand, mats, lamps, and …

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Distribution of fruiting plants & seeds | Pavitramenthe

After the global pandemic, people understand the importance of plantation, Shelter & food. So, to keep up with this enthusiasm, Pavitramenthe distributed fruiting plants and seeds such as Papaya, Guava, Mango, etc. to farmers and encourage them for planting trees as much as they can. This not only helps to improve our environment but also …

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