Fairness has No Borders

Pavitramenthe is running a lot of projects under Fair for Life. Our Fair For Life project focuses on social welfare, health & safety, environmental welfare, soil health, etc.

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Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Pvt Ltd

Together we will heal the Earth

Our ethical business model treats to everyone in the supply chain with fairness from Earth till end- users.

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We have more than 4000+ farmers practicing regenerative organic farming, more than 50+ Fair For Life Certified product range,
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Why we are Special

Pavitramenthe believes more in the traditional practices with modernization, including emancipatory development of women, Farmers, and children.
We are agripreneurs who are taking commercial strategies in the surge of doing something productive to the social and environmental well-being.

We not only believe in the quality of our products but also take care of their benefits and strain out the best in them that helps to make you healthy and delighted.  We are nascent in profit earned as we have a long way to go but we are known for our values, dedication, and relationships. We are dedicated to our Society, Partners, and Nation with complete integrity and loyalty. Pavitramenthe produces organic herbs, essential oils  & much more!

100% Natural & Organic

Authentic Organic Products

Regenerative Organic Chain

Regenerative Organic Certified

Fair Practices

Fair For Life Certified

Fair For Life Certified Products

Fair For Life

Fairness has no borders

With every purchase, you are helping a community that Grow, Process & Deliver.

From the earth, to you

100% Pure & Natural

Farms and products meet the highest standards in the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness.


Regenerative Organic

Agricultural Practices

Farm Like the World Depends on it. We use all Sustainable Farming Practices to Produce our Products.

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We Earn the respect of our Farmers

We work on trust, transparency, traceability and tangibility,fair prices, product integrity, sustainable incomes and safe working conditions.


For Pavitramenthe, every client is always unique and when it comes to the client visit, it becomes nothing short of a celebration for us!
One of our Major Clients Dr. Bronner visited India a few years back and created a documentary about our working culture, sustainable agriculture practices, and reviews of our happy farmers. 
Dr. Bronners & Pavitramenthe are working on the Fair Trade model since the beginning. We shared incredible ideas in terms of the progress of our organization and also they guided us to do more better for society, Environment, and community development. Pavitramenthe produces organic herbs, essential oils  & much more!

Pavitramenthe Produces

Organic Herbs, Essential Oils & Much more!

Pavitramenthe Fair Organic, the sister concern of Creation Biotech is incorporated with the aim of growth of the ethical business by promoting the Regenerative Organic & FFL (Fair for Life) cultivation that increases the productivity of land and is ecofriendly with nature & beneficial for society via serving them with good quality & healthy product.

We work with smallholder farmers and produce authentic organic products with the help of Regenerative organic farming practices. Our project is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. We are cultivating, exporting, and supplying a range of high-quality Food Grains, Indian Spices, Herbs, Pulses,  Jaggery, Brown Sugar, Flours, Edible Oils, Essential oils (Mentha, basil, chamomile, rose, davana, etc.), etc. Our products are organic & Fair for Life (FFL) Certified.

Together we will Heal the Earth

It’s grown by nature and served by nature.

"As you know that our "Mother Earth" is life-giver. It contains all life-giving elements in it e.g. (air, water, & food.) But by being selfish or unknowingly using indiscriminate chemicals in farming we have made these life-giving elements poisonous the adverse effect of which has been affecting all creatures and is a major threat to the coming generations also. At this time, the only solution to that is Regenerative Organic Farming by which we can improve the previous mistakes and we can hand over healthy earth to the next generation. My Humble request to all is please adopt organic farming for this divine work".

Mr. Nihal Singh Founder & CMD
Mr. Nihal Singh

    Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Pvt. Ltd.


    Our ethical business model treats everyone in the supply chain with fairness from Earth to end users. We are trying to make some positive changes in society and the environment by changing the farming practices to improve our planet and stop destroying it also to improve the lives of our fellow human beings through better food, health, living standards, and better use of our natural resources; especially soil and water. Pavitramenthe produces organic herbs, essential oils  & much more!

    We work to uplift the living standard of smallholder farmers and welfare for the community. We pay organic premiums to our farmers and a premium for the in-conversion period. We also use Fair for Life Premium in many social and environmental welfare projects that help the community in getting a better life with satisfaction.

    The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.


    We Are Best In Our Field

    We are grower and supplier of real (authentic) organic products with Organic, Fair for Life and Regenerative Certification at very reasonable price. We grow these products by regenerative agriculture practice. Our aim is to supply the world with pure organic and quality products.

    We are generating employment for peoples by following non-discrimination policy. We are offering our employees and workers a fair, healthy and safe working environment with fair wages. We take care of basic rights of all workers. We provide social benefits to our workers with all legal obligations. We treat our employees and workers as a family member.

    We encourage the young generation and women for skill development. We are providing skill development classes for Computer education for youth and stitching for women and girls. We also provide support to small scale business of women in village, who are running embroidery work at their home for their livelihood.



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