With pavitramenthe, move into the realm of Organic Hydrosol. Made with all the organic parameters and provided in wholesale, Organic and Natural hydrosol are used in many industries. This product at Pavitramenthe is made with proper certifications from various authorities and can be used in numerous industries.

Hydrosol, a water-based product is obtained from the distillation of fresh leaves and other parts of the plants and herbs. Organic ark can be used in numerous industries like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Organic hydrosol, is commonly known as ark in the Indian sub-continent is used in every household.
At Pavitramenthe, organic water based products are produced and processed using all organic standards and parameters. The natural and herbal ark is used as face mists and toner for maintaining the skin texture and freshness of the skin.
Various hydrosols made at Pavitramenthe are NOP, NPOP, and COR certified, which makes it the best. With various certifications, these are best used in industries like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Various varieties of ark are produced at pavitramenthe, possessing numerous health and well-being benefits. Some of the hydrosols that are produced at Pavitramenthe is Peppermint ark well known for its aroma. Field mint ark is used for maintaining a cooling effect in the body and dealing with stomach issues. Chamomile hydrosol is used for its distinct aromatic properties and benefits in healthy living. Davana ark is considered to be the best to be used in the perfumery industry, with its distinct aroma. The ark at Pavitramenthe are provided with full traceability and transparency report, maintaining the the fair trade values of the organisation.

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