Chamomile Hydrosol
(Matricaria chamomilla)

Chamomile hydrosol which known as scientific name of Matricaria chamomilla, is full of soothing and calming properties, which is having sweet, mind and herby aroma, possessing calming properties.
Matricaria recutita hydrosol, also known as chamomile hydrosol has all the beneficial properties, which its essential oil may have. It has a carminative and relaxing liquefied, with soothing effect on psyche and body. This hydrosol if used as a room freshener helps in curing many conditions like insomnia, headaches, stress etc, providing a beneficial environment for meditation and study.

Pavitramenthe being a, floral water wholesale supplier and chamomile extract supplier all over the world, provides best quality of chamomile hydrosol which can be used as face mists, lotions, room fresheners and can be used in various other ways possible.


Product Name: Chamomile hydrosol
Botanical Name: Chamaemelum Nobile
Specialty: We work with farmers under the most ethical and fair conditions, while doing our best to give back to our communities. We’re Certified through Fair for Life and our products are cultivated using Sustainable Farming Practices.
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Country of Origin: India
Dispatch Time: 5 to 6 days after the order is received.

Why Choose Us?
You will help entire communities.
Pavitramenthe supports small farmers and workers, helping them build good and safer lives for themselves, and their families. So, you are not empowering only one or two farmers to have a good life, you are helping future generations to have better energy, sick people to become healthier, small children to have access to clean drinking water, and more!

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You get full transparency.
When you buy Pavitramenthe products, you know who is involved in the production and distribution of the product, from farm to production and from production to logistics. Best of all? By purchasing our products, you can see who you’re helping and the communities you’re impacting.

You are also helping the environment.
Our Organization Pavitramenthe is Committed to Nature & Environment we plant 2000+ trees per year. We work on sustainable agricultural practices, Pavitramenthe has installed bird shelters.

You support gender equality.
Gender equality is something we as humans have to fight for. Although gender equality is a widely debated topic today, there is still a long way to go, especially in developing countries. In these countries, women do not even have a say in decisions that directly affect them or their families, and their wages are much lower than that of men for the same amount of work and hours.
Fairtrade ensures that women have the same protection and salary as men.

You support worker’s rights.
All workers are protected from human rights violations. Pavitramenthe ensures that all workers receive fair wages and social benefits, it may seem like everyone already has this, but the reality is very different.


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(Matricaria chamomilla)

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How to make chamomile hydrosol?
Creating a chamomile hydrosol processor involves a distillation process to extract the essential oil and hydrosol from chamomile flowers. Here's a simplified overview: Materials: Chamomile flowers Distillation apparatus (such as a copper still) Water Heat source Collection vessels (glass containers) Thermometer Ice or cooling system (optional) Procedure: Harvest and Prepare Chamomile Flowers: Ensure the chamomile flowers are clean and free of contaminants. Harvest fresh flowers for the best results. Load the Still: Place the chamomile flowers in the distillation apparatus (still). Ensure it's not overcrowded to allow for proper vaporization. Add Water: Pour water into the still. The water level should be sufficient but not excessive. The water will be heated to create steam, extracting the essential oil and producing hydrosol. Heat the Still: Apply heat to the still, causing the water to boil and produce steam. The steam will pass through the chamomile flowers, extracting the essential oil and carrying it into the condensation system. Condensation: The steam carrying the essential oil will move through a cooling system (condenser), turning it back into a liquid form. This liquid is a mixture of water and chamomile essential oil. Collect the Hydrosol: The condensed liquid will separate into two layers - essential oil on top and hydrosol (flower water) below. Collect the hydrosol in a clean glass container. Separate Essential Oil: If you wish to extract the essential oil, carefully separate the oil layer from the hydrosol. This can be done using a separating funnel or other suitable method. Storage: Store the collected chamomile hydrosol in a dark, cool place. Use a glass container to maintain its purity. Remember, this is a basic outline, and actual construction and operation might involve more technical details depending on the specific equipment you're using. Additionally, ensure you are using safe and suitable materials for distillation. If you're not familiar with the distillation process, it's advisable to seek guidance or assistance from someone experienced in essential oil extraction.