Essential Oils

Organic essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that are derived from organic sources. These oils are obtained through a process called steam distillation or cold pressing, which ensures that the natural chemical composition of the plants is preserved.

Organic essential oils, which are used in numerous industries, are produced at Pavitramenthe with fully organic parameters.  Organic essential oils are usually used in perfumery and other industries for making perfect blends. Essential oils are used to make different notes for individuals with different needs. Essential oils are also used to make blends for making various skincare and healthcare products. Organic essential oils in India are used to make products related to aromatherapy and herbal medicines. Ayurveda has been using essential oils since ancient ages to create various medicines and oils for better health and well-being.

The northern states of India are producers of the best essential oils in India. Essential oils are made from various plants such as herbs like menthe and Davana. Also, spices are used to make essential oils such as black pepper and clove. Pavitramenthe is one of the major organic oil wholesale distributors around the globe. Pavitramenthe as an organization exports organic essential oils to more than 20 countries in numerous domains. Essential oils produced by Pavitramenthe are made using all organic parameters. Full traceability and transparency report is maintained by the organization to ensure trust among the stakeholders.

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