What we do?

About Us

Pavitramenthe Fair Organic, the sister concern of Creation Biotech is incorporated with the aim of growth of the ethical business by promoting the Regenerative Organic & FFL (Fair for Life) cultivation that increases the productivity of land and is eco-friendly with nature & beneficial for society via serving them with good quality & healthy product.Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Pvt Ltd places a strong emphasis on fair trade and ethical business practices, works closely with their farmers to ensure fair pricing and support for their communities, and prioritizes sustainable and environmentally-friendly production methods.

We work with the smallholder farmers and produce authentic organic products with the help of Regenerative organic farming practices. Our project is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. We are cultivating, exporting, suppling a range of high-quality Food Grains, Indian Spices, Herbs, Pulses, Vegetables, Jaggery, Brown Sugar, Flours, Edible Oils, Essential oils (Mentha, basil, chamomile, rose, davana etc.) etc. Our products are organic & Fair for Life (FFL) Certified.


Sourcing Our Poducts


Pavitramenthe success is rooted in strong relationships with local farmers, recruited through various means like local organizations and word of mouth. The farmers undergo training and certification, gaining the option to sell crops at Creation Biotech or local markets. Premium ingredients are sourced directly from small producers engaged in organic, natural farming, and fair trade practices.


Pavitramenthe supports the conversion of conventional farms to certified organic ones, guiding farmers through a three-year process. Simultaneously, they provide training in organic and natural farming techniques and facilitate the sale of cover crops at regular markets and under Fairtrade principles. This enables farmers to access a broader market while receiving fair compensation for their produce.



Ensuring high product quality, Pavitramenthe maintains strong relationships with farmers, offering them access to new organic and natural knowledge, and strict quality control throughout the growing season. This commitment helps maintain the expected standard and satisfies customer demands for superior products.


Pavitramenthe ensures the highest quality of its products by sending harvested crops to certified organic processing plants, where they are meticulously processed and packaged according to strict specifications. The final goods are then shipped to Creation’s warehouses in Kashumra and Fulasi, ensuring efficient distribution and storage for further delivery to customers.



Efficient and Quality Delivery: Following harvest, crops are swiftly transported to Creation’s certified organic processing plants. There, products are meticulously processed and packaged to meet our rigorous standards. Subsequently, the well-handled goods are shipped to our warehouses in Kashumra & Fulasi, ensuring timely delivery and maintaining premium quality throughout the supply chain.


Mr. Nihal Singh started his journey in 2003. His journey has been full of learning.
He started his journey by farming on his own farm and running an Agri Clinic (Business). He experienced that chemical farming is very harmful to land productivity, the health of human beings, and nature on a large scale. He felt bad about this and took a step to search for an alternative way of farming that could heal nature and provide healthy food as well. He started organic farming on his own farm and motivated other farmers as well.
In 2015 He raised himself as a young agripreneur and founded Creation Biotech 2015 with a beautiful vision “Together we will heal the earth”. He is a nature-loving person and wants to do his best for society and nature. He started with 301 farmers in 2015 and currently has 3500 registered smallholder farmers, who are practicing Regenerative organic farming in India.
In 2018 he founded a new LLP in the name of pavitramenthe for the same vision.