In the current world with healthy diet choices, individuals are gaining consciousness about theimportance of organic food. Importance of organic food as well as the food that nourishes the planet is increasing day by day. Moving towards healthier planet and sustainable living,organic grains stand out as a powerhouse of nutrients. Grown on organic fields to being processed to be served at your table, Pavitramenthe serves you essence of purity. Organic grains are considered to be the powerhouse of purity, health and ecological balance. Organic grains at Pavitramenthe are cultivated without using any synthetic pesticides or chemicals. These organic dals and millets offers a wide variety of benefits to both the customers and the environment. By using organic farming practices the farmers at Pavitramenthe take care of the nutritional value of the food and the environment. Organic practices such as crop rotation, composting
and bio fertilizers are used in order to enhance soil quality.
These approaches not only preserve the environment, but also add nutritional value to the food items. All the grains which are produced and processed at Pavitramenthe are duly certified by national and
international organisations. Grains produced and processed at Pavitramenthe are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Beyond the nutrition value, these organic grains also support the environmental sustainability and maintenance too.

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