organic peppermint

Organic Peppermint’s Chemical composition and it’s uses

Introduction to Peppermint’s benefits

Menthe Piperita, which is known worldwide for it’s beneficial uses in numerous diseases and health issues. This plant which is known to be from the Lamiaceae family, is majorly grown and found in the Mediterranean region of the earth, where India is one of the major countries who is known for the production of the best quality of mentha all over the world. This plant has been known for it’s economical importance in some of the major civilizations in ancient world like Egypt, Greek and Roman, where this plant has been used for bringing well being of individuals with digestive and diuretic problems and as a remedy for getting rid of cough and cold. Peppermint has been used in pharmacuetical companies all over the world for making medicines, which are generally helpful in treating stomach aches, chest congestion and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome which can be caused by numerous reasons.


Extraction of the Essential Oil: Peppermint essential oil is majorly extracted from various parts of plants including the aerial parts of the flowering plant of mentha as well as the dried leaves of mentha, which are compressed using various methods which help in extraction of essential oil of the leaves. Organic peppermint essential oil is extracted using various techniques like


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1.        Distillation- in this process the process of evaporation and condensation is used in order to extract essential oil’s from fresh leaves and other parts of the plants, which are mostly seen as a source of the essential oils.

2.        Cold Pressing- cold pressing is a technique in which the leaves are other parts of plants are exposed to pressure and collected water and essential oils are later separated through processes in order to extract hydrosols and essential oils of the plant.

3.        Solvent Extraction- in this process the part of the plant, that will be used in order to extract oil is dipped and kept in various liquids, and later the essential oils are extracted from the liquid which has dissolved components of the essential oils of the part.

Essential oil extracted from these processes are proven to be beneficial for industries all over the world for making products which help in making of medicines and lotions.


organic peppermint

Major components of Mentha Oil and their uses

Mentha as a plant and with the byproducts made from the same has been used all over the world in major industries. Various components which are present in the peppermint essential oil and derived from various processes that the plant go through are used for making various products. Some of the major components that are found in the essential oils of peppermint and their uses are-

1)        Isomenthone- isomenthone is one of the major natural compounds, which is found in peppermint essential oils, particularly in the indian variety of indian mint. This distinct compound of the mint oil makes it rich in aroma and one of the valueable essential oils to be used in perfumery and falvouring industry. In flavoring industry the same is used to create a cooling sensation in the beverages, providing a peppermint flavor to the drink, making it one of the best choices for hot summers and pleasant weather.  This component is used in pharmacuetical industies for making oral care products like toothpaste and mouthwashes, owing to the refreshing properties of the same.

2)        Menthol- This component found in peppermint oil is mainly famous for it’s cooling sensation, owing to the same it is well used in industries like food and flavouring for getting a cooling and refreshing vibe to the food and bakery products. In pharmacuetical industry also this component is widely used for making medicines for throat aches and getting relief from stomach issues like indigestion and heartburn conditions.

3)        Menthone- menthone, a major component of the peppermint essential oil, is highly valued for it’s woody and minty aroma, contributing to the creation of distinct notes in mint flavoured perfumes, lotions and creams. This component is also used in the flavoring industry to include a minty flavor in chewing gums and candies. Recently this component has also been used widely by people in aromatherapy in way of scented candles and air fresheners.

4)        Limonene- Limonene is a compound of peppermint that makes it rich in citrus aroma, and is majorly found in the peels of citrus fruits like orange etc. This property of this component makes it one of the major used component in perfumery and flavouring industries, giving a slightly citrus aroma and flavour to food and beverages made using this component.

5)        1-8- Cineole- 1-8 Cineole is one of the major components of the peppermint oil, which gives it a camphor kind of aroma, and is utilized in numerous products made in pharmaceutical industry for it’s extraordinary properties. This component is also known as eucalyptol, used in making of the cough drops and decongestant products like syrups and tablets. This component is also used in perfumery and flavouring industry to give a distinct note to the dishes and perfumes made using the same.

6)        Isomenthol – this is one of the isomer’s present in the peppermint oil and shares it’s cooling properties with menthol. This compound is majorly used in cosmetics and personal body care products like shaving creams, blams and lotions for the cooling and refereshing properties this compound holds. This is also used in flavoring and fragrance industry for enhancing the minty profile of the perfume and beverages in which the same is used.

Peppermint Essential Oil At Pavitramenthe

Peppermint essential oil made at Pavitramenthe is duly certified by many authorities like, ROC, NOP, NPOP etc which are responsible for keeping the records of organic standards of the crops. Along with the certifications Pavitramenthe is indulged in,

1.        Sustainability- in order to maintain the perfect ecosystem and cycle in the environment, sustainable approaches are used by Pavitramenthe to regenerate the soil and environment.

2.        Transparency- proper transparency is maintained by the organisation, in order to keep up the work and provide real time information to the customers and collaboraters of the organisation.

3.        Traceability- proper traceability records are maintained by the organisation from day 1 of sowing the seeds to the day when the final product reaches the customers.


As a conclusion one can say that, components of the peppermint plant and it’s byproducts are one of the best products one can use to cure many diseases and problems which an individual might feel in their day to day life and stress. With Pavitramenthe’s fair for life approach and sustainable practices we can make our life decluttered and get rid of everyday issues which we might feel. 

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