Lemongrass and pregnancy

Lemongrass and Pregnancy: A beneficial combination for both mother and child

Introduction to lemongrass and pregnancy

Lemongrass is one of the mostly used herb worldwide, in various forms for helping in the well being of the individuals in maintaining healthy immune system and well being of the mother and child who is growing day by day in the womb. Pregnancy, which is considered to be one of the most amazing and transformative period of a female’s life, where a female seeks to look for soothing relief and betterment of the baby in any way possible. Here it becomes very important that the females are always in a peaceful and soothing environment, which gives them a sense of peace and relaxation over time and help in the fruitful development of the baby.

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Lemongrass and Pregnancy: the useful components

Lemongrass which has been highly used all over the world in major industries, has been proven it’s worth in the aromatherapy and relaxing techniques which makes it one of the best to be used while a women in pregnant in order to create a soothing environment around the baby all the time. Some of the major components which have been proven to be useful to be used in aromatherapy and scented sticks, with an aim to create a healthy environment are-

1.      Citral– Citral is one of the major components which is found in lemongrass when used in various industries like aromatherapy and perfumery. This component of the lemongrass gives it a citrus kind of flavour, which makes it one of the best to be used. This component of the lemongrass is proven to be used as antifungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, which helps in keeping the aroma of the room lovely and can also be used for major skin allergies, which females may experience during the long 9 months of pregnancy.

2.      Geraniol– Geraniol is one of the components which provides a sweet and floral tone of to the lemongrass, making it one of the best to be used as antioxidant, anti-infammatory and anti-microbial properties. This component can be used for dealing with various issues like skin allergies and nausea feeling which females experience during the pregnancy.

3.      Limonene- This is one kind of terpene which helps in the providing a citrus kind of flavour to the lemongrass, making it one of the best to be used worldwide in some of the major industries like food and beverages, perfumery and aromatherapy. This is being used in the aromatherapy and fragrance industry in order to use for mood enhancing and stress relieving properties.

4.      Myrcene- This is one of the major components of the lemongrass oil which is responsible for providing a earthy and herbal scent and fragrance to the essential oils and by-products which are being made from the herb. This component is mainly useful for setting a calming environment and due to this popularity of the same it has widely been used in yoga centres and spa centres where pregnant women are welcomed to experience the goodness of relaxation.

5.      Linapool- Linapool is one of the best components which contributes to somewhat earthy and woody aroma, which helps in maintaining a calming and sedative effects making it one of the best to be used for practising relaxing techniques and aromatherapy.

Lemongrass and pregnancy

Lemongrass and pregnancy: Benefits of lemongrass

Lemongrass has been used in pregnancy all over the world, for maintaining the peaceful and calming environment around the pregnant female. Some of the major uses of lemongrass in various forms for the pregnant female’s are-

1.      Calming environment- Lemongrass with it’s major scented aromas, create a different notes for individuals and help in the making the environment around pregnant females calming and relaxing. This distinct characteristic of the herb makes it one of the best to be used in aromatherapy during pregnancy.

2.      Stress Reduction and Relaxation- Lemongrass with it’s components like Linapool and Myrcene makes it one of the best products to be used in aromatherapy and spa sessions for pregnant ladies, in order to create a relaxing environment and also helps in the reduction of hormonal and physical stress, which a female faces during the months of pregnancy, where females feel different emotions and physical issues due to high changes which are being occurred in the body.

Safety Guidelines while using Lemongrass

Lemongrass, when being used in pregnancy has to be used with utmost care and measurement as high dosage of lemongrass oil and supplements can cause various disformalties in the baby growing in the womb.

1.      Dilute the Oil before use- the lemongrass oil, if being used in pregnancy has to be diffused with other oils like peppermint oil and other oils, in order to create a enhancing mood and refreshing vibe to the environment, where the female is living.

2.      Consulting the healthcare Professionals- it is very necessary to consider taking an appointment with the healthcare professionals, and talk to them about the use of any essential oils and therapies, which a female is considering to use for relaxing techniques, as use of wrong oil and components may cause major discomfort and problems during pregnancy.

Lemongrass and Pregnancy: Organic essential oil processed at Pavitramenthe

Lemongrass oil which is produced and processed at Pavitramenthe is one of the best all across the world, which is made keeping in mind the sustainable practices which help in regeneration of the environment and keep up the soil health.

At Pavitramenthe we believe in sustainable development, keeping in mind the upcoming generations, for which we ought to produce highly pure and organic products in order to give a better and sustainable future to the upcoming generations, along with renewing the energy which mother earth has been providing us.

Conclusion: As a conclusion, one can say lemongrass is one of the essential herb which should be used during pregnancy in order to keep up the better environment and help in the regeneration of the environment and soil health. In the drapery of 9 months of pregnancy, lemongrass can be considered to be a gentle thread keeping up the moments of calm and relief for the mother and the baby. It is very crucial for each individual to approach the use of lemongrass with mindfulness and awareness for the use of the same.

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