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From Poles to Tropics: Unveiling Global Realities of Climate Change

Climate change is one of the major issues that have been in the limelight for the last some decades. Since the time the world has gained insights into the need for sustainable development and its need in the current hour, the intellects and people all over the world have been very much concerned about environmental change and its effects on the environment as a whole. At the core of ecology change are the human activities that are negatively affecting the environment. The negative activities that affect the environment are the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and major industrialization which uses numerous chemicals and other things for rapid growth, making a negative effect in the environment. This use of various chemicals is leading to global warming in the planet, disrupting the climate patterns all over the world which leads to warming of the planet, the melting of the icebergs at the poles and all over the world and also leads to the rise of sea level.

Understanding Climate Change

According to UN Development and Sustainable Goals, 2030 climate change refers to the significant changes in the global temperature, level of precipitation, and wind patterns, and it also includes many other measures that are generally used to decide the level of change in the climate of the planet which has occurred in last some decades and years.

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Some of the important terms that can be seen when talking about ecology change are as follows. 

Emissions- emissions are usually known as the substances, that are released into the air due to human activities and are measured by their concentration in the air, and how it is impacting enviroment change over time. It is usually measured as parts per million in the atmosphere.

Global warming- global warming is seen as the carbon di oxide in the atmosphere which is present at any time and is increasing with time. Later after 1960’s it was discovered that volume of harmful gases in the atmosphere has been increasing day by day. These gases include methane, nitrous oxide and other gases which are harmful for the components of the ecosystem. These gases which have been proved to be dangerous are heating the earth’s surface everyday and as a result greenhouse gases are causing global warming on a very vast level.

Global warming Potential – GWP is considered as an ability of the dangerous greenhouse gases that absorb heat in major numbers, if compared to the carbon dioxide in period of 50-500 years, which is considered as major part of ecosystem. The timeframe of the exhaustion of these gases from the atmosphere.

climate change

Renewable energy- these are the energies which can be used by humans for better consumption and saving the environment as a whole. These are the energies that are capable to renew themselves in our lifetimes. Some of the major sources of renewable energy are wind, sun, water, biomass and geothermal heat.

Impact of climate change on ecosystems

Climate change is one of the major things that is impacting the ecosystems and their properties as a whole. Just as an example rise in temperature is causing major loss of the icebergs in the Polar Regions. Some of the major impacts are as follows-

Ocean acidification– due to the rising temperature and mixing of gases in the atmosphere, the acid concentration in the atmosphere increasing, which comes down in form of acid rain, causing a major disruption in the soil health and ocean health, mixing acid in the soil and all the water bodies of the earth.

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Bleaching of coral reefs due to the acidification of the oceans, bleaching of coral reefs is also occurring causing major disruption in the aquatic ecosystem and life in water.

Extinction of the species- due to major environment changes in the atmosphere, some of the major important and rare animal and plant species are getting extinct at a very fast rate, again contributing negatively to the ecosystem and atmosphere

Extreme weather events- due to major disruptions in the structure of the environment, extreme weather conditions are occurring like floods, earthquakes, and other events like desertification which are causing a major negative impact on the environment.

Renewable energy to deal with climate change

Renewable energy is one of the best resources and way available for dealing with the weather change in numerous ways. With renewable energy, we deal with the innovation of the current, along with caring for and preserving the resources for future generations.

Adapting to environmental change- using renewable resources like solar energy and others, is the best option for the use of natural resources and preserving the resources for the coming years and generations. The use of renewable energies allows the planet to heal from the chemicals that have already been mixed in the atmosphere.

Empowering local communities- The use of renewable sources in the form of energy helps in the empowerment of the local communities who are not much in use of the chemical fertilizers and other pesticides which cause major disruption in the atmosphere.

Climate change practices at Pavitramenthe

At Pavitramenthe, environmental change is seen as one of the major things which is used for the betterment of the soil and environmental health at all levels and in all ways. Various policies are used at the organization to promote the fight against weather change. Some of the major practices are-

Use of solar power- solar power in various forms is used at Pavitramenthe, for making use of renewable energies and making the local communities feel empowered.

Use of biofertilizers- bio and green fertilizers are used at Pavitramenthe to deal with and lessen the effects of chemical fertilizers on soil and water, which in turn helps in the betterment of the environment.

ConclusionAs a conclusion one may say that the impact of climate change on the ecosystem is way more major than what is seen, being multifaceted with the disruptions we see all around us. As we have been witnessing the changes in the atmosphere that usually extend beyond the natural world are caused due to the change. It is becoming our responsibility to deal with environmental change and preserve the biodiversity in various ecosystems.

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