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Navigating Sustainable Development Goals for Life on Land, With Pavitramenthe

Introduction: Life on land is one of the major components which are keeping the planet going and stronger than ever before. Soil which is one of the major resources for providing nutrition and other things for the plants, which in turn makes the food chain going for all the components and microorganisms present inside the soil’s upper layer responsible for the health of the plant and making the food for the whole globe. Life on land is one of the crucial components of the ecosystem of the plant, providing important flora and fauna, in order to support human livelihoods, contributing to the proper well being of the planet and individuals.

Importance of life on land

Recognizing the importance of life on land and soil health has been in the limelight for past few decades. Keeping in mind the importance of soil health and conservation of the ecosystem, the United Nations has outlined specific sustainable development goals, which are properly aimed at promoting and maintaining soil health and sustainable practices. Some of the major points here are-

1.      Saving ecosystems- terrestrial and wetland ecosystems, support many various species of flora and fauna and numerous microorganisms in the soil which are important to support the plant and soil health. Soil ecosystem is very important in order to maintain the plant health and providing the nutrition to all the members of the food chain, which finally decomposes in the soil, making the cycle going on.

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2.      Providing nutrition- life on land is also very important in order to provide and maintain the nutrition in the soil and in the plants that are being grown in the soil, be it in the forest in way of plants and forest, or in the way of farming.

Challenges being faced in life on land

Life on the upper surface of the planet, is one of the major challenges which is being faced in all the countries overall. Some of the major challenges that are being faced here as follows-

1.      Deforestation- deforestation is one of the major challenges that the globe is facing due to the depletion of the life on the upper layer of the planet. Due to the cutting of trees and forests the soil layer is getting damaged due to which the ecosystem of the planet is getting hampered a lot.

2.      Unsustainable agricultural practices- chemical fertilizers which are being used in the farms and agricultural practices these days is making a significant change in the upper layers of the soil and causing more harm than good in the ecosystem.

3.      Urbanization- urbanization is one of the major problems that is responsible for hamper of the soil quality and in turn the decrease of the quality of the nutrients that are being provided to the components of the food cycle in the chain.

life on land

Main points of the Goal 15 of Sustainable Development Goals

Goal no 15 of the sustainable development goals in the United Nations deals with the topic of life on land, dealing with following subheadings for the development of life on land. Major sub headings that have been made in order to target the goal 15 of the sustainable development are as follows-

1      End Deforestation And Restore Degraded Forests- stopping deforestation and restoration of the degraded lands in the world is one of the major topics, when we are talking about the life on land and other soil related issues which move in the same.

2      End desertification and use of degraded land- one of the major works that needs to be done is to end the desertification that is happening in past few decades in various parts, and use the land that has been originally desertified and use the land for cultivation of organic and nutrient rich crop.

3      Protect diversity- protection of diversity in the soil is one of the major needed and looked after goals for united nations, as protection of diversity in the soil is one important aspect to be looked for the betterment of the soil health.

Life on land at Pavitramenthe

At Pavitramenthe, life on land and the conservation of soil nutrients is one of the major thing that is being one of the major seen sector of development at Pavitramenthe. Soil health is being taken as a serious thing and various steps are taken for dealing with the same such as-

1-      Organic farming- at Pavitramenthe, practice of organic farming and use of proper irrigation and farming methods help in keeping the soil and layers of the planet safe and full of nutrients, making earth a better place to be at.

2-      Green manure– using green manure is also one of the best practices which is being used at Pavitramenthe in order to save soil from the harms that are being caused due to the use of chemical fertilizers and various other methods.

3-      Thermo compost- use of thermo compost as fertilizers in order to increase the nutrient value of the soil as well as the crop which is being sown is one of the major steps taken by the organization in order to deal with the problem of nutrient depletion in the layers of the soil overall.

4-      Fair for life approach- the policy of the organization with dealing in fair for life approach while indulging in organic farming is one step that helps in making the earth a better place to be at for all the individuals on earth.

Conclusion: Life on land is one of the major parts which needs to be taken care of for maintaining the intricate web of life of all the ecosystems on the earth, along with preserving the innovation and development of present and future generations. By using the goal no 15 of the sustainable development goals of United Nations 2030, along with the targets which have been set by the organization, the international community and the other organizations, strives to ensure the responsible management of the ecosystems all over the globe, protection of biodiversity in the upper layers of the planet. As individuals and organizations, the nations and individuals on a lower level need to work together in order to foster a harmonious and lovely relationship between the land, promoting sustainability and providing safety to the diverse life forms of the planet which we call our home. 

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