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Introduction: Cumin, a spice which is derived from the dried seeds of the parsley family plants and herbs,

which are scientifically known as Cuminum Cyminum. Organic cumin is a widely known spice

all over the world which is used in numerous cuisines and beverages and is grown in major parts


of the globe like India, Latin American, Middle East and Africa. Cumin in it’s purest form is

available in various types and varieties including whole cumin seeds, ground cumin seeds, cumin

powder and cumin oil seeds.

Market Introduction:The global market for organic spices, especially cumin is expected to grow in the coming

decades with a major difference in the market size because of the growth in the market place and

growth of health consciousness of individuals all over the world. With growth in organic food

industry the demand of the organic spices and food has been growing ever since last some

decades. Some of the major points which have been seen in the market are given as below-

1. The organic spice market was estimated to be at 29.1 billion USD in the year 2023, which

is anticipated to reach the level of 31.73 billion USD in the year of 2024, and further

reach to the level of 45.08 billion USD by the year 2028, which is going to create a huge

market for the organic cumin and spices (Retrieved from

on 13.03.2024).

2. The Asia Pacific region has been gaining popularity in the production and manufacturing

of organic cumin, with India being one of the major producers of cumin with Rajasthan

and Gujarat being the top producers of the organic cumin in India.

3. India stands at the largest exporter of organic cumin standing at first level with 3267

shipments in the year 2023, with 163 exporters providing organic market an original

product which has a huge market size in the USA and Other companies with 521 buyers.

(Retrieved from

code-0909/ on 13.03.2024)

oranic cumin market and trend

E – Commerce and organic market trends

With the increase and coming of e-commerce in organic market size globally, and increase of

awareness in the population for the use of organic products, the market size of organic cumin has

grown in past decade and is expected to grow in huge number in the coming years with estimated

growth of 45.08 billion USD in the year 2028, with a growth rate of 9.2% CAGR. (Retrieved


on 13.03.2024).

According to the report of OTA (Organic Trade Associations), in year 2023 the organic spices

market for the 1 st time reached upto 60 billion dollars for very first time in global organic market,

which makes sure that the demand of organic spices and herbs in going to increase in the organic

market all over the world.

Asia Pacific Region In Organic Spice Market

Asia Pacific region is considered to be one of the major areas which is exporting organic spices

and cumin to the countries all over the world, providing flavours to major industries in the world.

Some of the major countries which are considered to be the major exporters of organic spices all

over the world are-




Organic spice and cumin market in divided into various segments and forms of organic spices

which are being seen in the organic market all across the globe including-

By product – cumin, turmeric, ginger, fennel etc

 By form – powdered, TBC, whole etc

 By applications- commercial and household

 By distribution channel – supermarket, online channels, conventional stores and other


According to India Brand Equity foundation, e commerce sector in India is expected to grow in

the coming years at a significant rate, with numbers stating to reach 111 billion dollars USD in

year 2024, and is expected to reach to the level of 200 billion USD by year 2026. It has been

clearly mentioned in this report that India as a major producer of organic spices and herbs, has

gained a crowd of 125 million online customers in area of organic spices and herbs in past three

years, which is expected to grow at a high pace with reaching the value of 80 million dollars by

the year 2025 (Retrieved from

market on 13.03.2024)

The overall organic market of spices and herbs, is anticipated to have a major effect on the

growth of the sales quantity of organic cumin in the global market, using a vast platform which is

available for the purchasers in the sales and purchase market of the organic spices and herbs.

Therefore it can be said that the global players of the organic cumin and spices are going to be

benefited from this increase in the global market of the organic spices and herbs in the given

forecasted period till 2030.

Key Players

Some of the major key players in organic market, in regards of market size of organic spices and

cumin are as follows-

Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Private Limited;

 Creation Biotech Pvt Ltd;

Yogi Botanicals Pvt Ltd.

Organic Cumin at Pavitramenthe

Organic cumin, which is being produced at Pavitramenthe is one of the best quality of organic

cumin which is being produced all over the world. Organic cumin made at Pavitramenthe is

cultivated using all the organic and natural methods using organic fertilizers and sustainable

practices for growing organic cumin and other spices. These practices of sustainable

development and organic farming which are being practised at Pavitramenthe are basically done

in order to contribute to the overall sustainable development of the earth and environment as a


Conclusion: As a conclusion we can say that keeping in mind the growing market for organic spices and

herbs and organic market size, it is seen that India as a major producer of organic cumin can see

a boon in the organic spice market in the global market. With this major market size of spices

and cumin has been considered to be beneficial for individuals all over the world.

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