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Organic herbs and spice market report and market size

Introduction: With increasing knowledge of health benefits of organic products, the organic  market reports have been proving to be one of the best for reading the organic market trends. Spices are one of the major thing used all over the globe in various dishes. With increasing demand of organic spices, the organic spices and herb market has been anticipated to reach USD 38249.88 Million by year 2030, along with registering a high CAGR of 9.61 % during the year of 2022-2030, which can be seen to be a huge number in the global market. In past some decades the global market has shown a huge growth in the organic market reports all over the globe. The organic spices and herbs has reached to the level of USD 22061.95 Million in the year 2022.

Reason behind the increase in the market size

Organic spices and herbs are one of the major used things in various industries like

pharmaceutical, perfumery and food industry. Organic spices possess a huge medicinal value

helping in aiding many health issues, with various spices and their chemical components.

Organic herbs and spices are consumed all over the world in various forms like

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1. Fresh – the spices and herbs can be consumed fresh in cases where they are added to the food items and can be used as an ingredient which is used to add an aromatic and refreshing taste to the dishes.

2. Dry Herbs – Herbs in dry form can be consumed raw as well as can be added to the

dishes and other drinks in order to add a refreshing flavor to the food and beverages.

3. Powdered – the organic herbs can be consumed in powdered form to avail the major

benefits of the components of the herb and it is usually easier for the herb to be effective

when consumed in powdered form.

4. Tea Bag Cut- herbs and spices in tbc form are best used in order to make diffusions and

tea bags for availing major health benefits of the herb or spice.

5. Essential oils- essential oils of the organic herbs and spices are used in major industries

in order to create a distinct note and fragrance for the products like perfumes and aroma

sticks. Essential oils are also used in major cosmetic industries in order to add a

refreshing touch to the product and also providing major benefits to the skin.

market size report

Indian market dynamics

India is considered to be one of the major producers of organic spices and herbs all over the world. With highly nutrient rich and fertile soil and favorable environmental conditions, India is a major producer of organic spices and herbs dominating more than 75% of the organic market in year 2021. The Indian organic market report can be divided into following


1. By Form- With increasing demand for natural and organic herbs and spices each day all over the world, new products are being launched in market on daily basis, based on the components of the organic herbs and spices. Organic herbs and spices are produced and sold in various forms like tbc and others which have been seen in the session earlier.

2. By sales channel- Indian is one of the major producers of organic spices and herbs globally. When seen globally, Indian organic chili and garlic sums up to the percentage of 78% in the global market of the organic spices and herbs in year 2021, which is expected to rise to level in the upcoming years. The Asia- Pacific region has been one of the major producers and dominators in the organic market report in past several years.

3. By Application- Organic herbs and spices are consumed all over the world, in numerous industries such as pharmaceuticals, food industry and cosmetics, The herbal medicine market is growing each day with increasing awareness about the benefits of organic products for the individuals as well as for the environment.

4. Enhanced technologies- Among all the leading manufacturers of the Organic spices and

seeds, India is one of the largest producers of organic spices when it comes to the production and export of the organic spices and herbs. Enhanced and modern technologies for agriculture and use of high yielding organic spices seeds are supporting the huge portion of the organic market report globally. According to the research and statistics of the spice products, India accounts to be the first and highest producer and exporter of

the organic spices in year 2022- 2030, with Spain and turkey being 2 nd producer and exporter of the same. Despite the competition and various manmade and environmental challenges India remains at the first position when it comes to the export and production of the organic spice and herbs in the global market. Source

Challenges like COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war

The major challenges faced by the organic spices and herbs market in the past several years have been the pandemic and various wars which have been taking place on front of various countries and the tension between the nations. The pandemic and wars have left a long lasting impact on the organic spice market globally. These major unpredicted events have given an introduction to some of the major complex dynamics that are having the potential to change the trajectory of this market in all the unexpected ways. The pandemic has brought major shifts in the consumer behavior all over the global organic spices and herbs market. Lockdown, travel restriction and remote working in corporate becoming very normal scenario, promoting the emergence of digital platforms and remote working. This shift in the working pattern and surge in digital platforms has got a whole new dimension to the presence of organic spices and herbs in the current generation. Major players of organic spices and herbs Some of the major producers of the organic spices and herbs all over the globe are

1. Pavitramenthe fair organic private limited

2. Creation biotech

3. The Watkins co.

Conclusion: As a conclusion one may say that with this increasing demand and awareness of the organic spices and herbs in the organic market report, it has become very essential to understand the key players and their organic practices which are playing one major role in promoting

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