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Nature’s Secret Weapon: Palmarosa Oil and Its Therapeutic Uses

Introduction to Plamarosa

Our Mother Earth and nature has been the primary source and means of energy and

nutrients in the whole world. One of such hidden gems of the world of essential
oil’s is Organic Palmaroasa essential oil, which is extracted from the plant of
Cymbopogon Martinii, and is highly rich in range of therapeutic uses in various
industries like food and beverages, pharmacy and perfumery industry which has
been in use for centuries in Indian Subcontinent as well as industries all over
the world. In the article we will dwell into the therapeutic benefits of the
Organic Palamarosa Essential Oil and industries where this gem of the essential
is used.

The Process of Extraction: Palmarosa is a Grass specie which is native of Indian Subcontinent and other parts of Southeast Asian Countries. Also known as Indian Geranium or Rosha Grass, this type of grass majorly survives in tropical climates, which makes it quite suitable for countries like India. The organic essential oil is basically extracted from the dried leaves of the plant by using the process of steam distillation, which is a process that basically captures the essence of Palmarosa’s oil and make it one of the best to be used for aromatic and therapeutic properties. There can be various factors that affect the quality and quantity of the Palmarosa Oil derived from the plant, which can be vary on factors like temperature and process used. 

palmrosa oil

Industries where Essential Palmarosa Oil is Used

Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil is used all over the world in major industries like food and beverages and pharmacy in various means and ways. Some of the major industries where this oil is used are-

1.      Cosmetic Industry- Organic Palmarosa Oil is one of the major essential oils ised in cosmetics and skincare industry owing to it’s moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. This rich in nutrients essential oil is highly incorporated into creams, lotions, foundations and skincare formulations to maintain the well being and hydration of the skin.

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2.      Aromatherapy and Perfumery- Essential Palmarosa Oil is highly used in aromatherapy and perfumery industry for creating various notes and distinct fragrances for the individuals depending upon individual’s preferences and choices. Palmarosa has been used by civilizations from centuries, in products which are used for mood enhancement and things which are used in aromatherapy like scented sticks and other major products.

3.      Wellness Products- Essential Palmarosa oil is majorly used in the wellness products such as soaps, shampoos and other things, making it one of the most demanded essential oils for maintaining the well being of the individuals all over the world. The essential oil has been used from centuries in order to maintain wellness as it is rich in aroma and nutrients.

4.      Cleaning and sanitization- Essential Palmarosa oil is also used in products made for purpose of cleaning and sanitization, owing to the aroma and the nutrients which are highly present in the essential oil, which helps in making the environment clean as well as aromatic.

5.      Food and Beverages- The essential oil which is majorly used in aroma and wellness products, is also many times used in food industry owing to the flavoring nutrients of the oil, which are generally used in the food industry to provide flavor to particular deserts and sweet dishes.

6.      Textile Industry- Palmarosa essential oil, is many times used in the textile industry also in order to provide and maintain a mind fragrance in the fabrics that are being made.

7.      Pest Control- Palmarosa essential oil, owing to its anti-microbial properties acts as one of the best natural pest controls, which can be used in organic and sustainable agriculture for the practicing sustainable agricultural practices.

Plamarosa oil for Health Benefits

Plamarosa oil has been used in major industries with help of the nutrients and nourishing chemicals and compounds which are available in the same. These nutrients and chemicals help in the making individuals a better being.

1.      Respiratory Health- Palmarosa oil is one of the majorly used essential oils in making of the medicines and balms, which play one of the major role in dealing with the repiratory issues of the individuals. .Blending Palmarosa oil, with various  essential oils like peppermint and spearmint essential oil makes it one of the best to be used for dealing with respiratory problems.

2.  Skin Infections- Palmarosa essential oil, when made with sustainable and organic practices, without using any chemicals helps in treating various skin infections like ache, blemishes and other major skin infections which are caused due to pollution and other atmospheric pollutants.

       Organic Palmarosa Oil At Pavitramenthe

     At Pavitramenthe, we prepare Organic Palmarosa oil, with sustainable agriculture methods,     giving one part of the agriculture to out Mother Earth for the renew, recycle and regeneration of the soil health.

     At Pavitramenthe, we practice fair for life practices and fair trade, which makes it one of the best available in the market as along with producing and processing one of the best qualities of Palmarosa oil, we also indulge in sustainable agriculture where we keep each and every stakeholder of the organization in mind while working along with the benefits which should be provided to all the stakeholders. Every small stakeholder such as soil and water are taken into consideration at Pavitramenthe while indulging in fair trade and sustainable practices.

       Conclusion: As a conclusion, one can say that Organic Palmarosa essential oil, which has been prepared at Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Private Limited is one of the best essential oils available worldwide which can be used in various industries and has a distinct fragrance which is used to create numerous notes and fragrances for individuals which would help them to maintain well-being of the individuals.



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