Exploring the tapestry of Davana: Chemical Components and Benefits

Organic Davana Oil

Davana, which is scientifically known as Artemisia Pallens is one of the majorly used herb from ancient civilizations in most of the pharmaceuticals, food industry and cosmetics industry because of numerous benefits which the herb is composed of. Belonging to the southern part of the Indian sub-continent, this aromatic herb belongs to Asteraceae family and is well known for the unique fragrance and properties that are capable of curing numerous diseases and enhancement of well being of individuals all across. In this particular blog we are going to dwell into the components and their benefits of this amazing essential oil.

Components of Organic Davana Oil

Organic Davana oil is one of the richest essential oils which can be used in numerous ways and perfumery industry. The Organic Essential Davana oil has a speciality that it creates a new fragrances for different individuals, with this rich speciality of the oil, it is used in the perfumery industry to create special scents for different individuals with different notes and diffusions like citrus, woody and spicy essential oils. The Davana oil is majorly composed of components like Davanite, Davan ether, davan furan and linalool with other components like methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate, bicyclogermacrene, 2-hydroxyisodavanone and much more which are beneficial for the well being of an individual. Some of the major components and their benefits are as follows-

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1.      Davanone– This component of Davana essential oil is the major compound responsible for the herb’s fruity, sweet like and slightly woody fragrance which contributes to the making of different notes for different individuals all over. This characteristic of the essential oil gives it importance for the industries and makes it a perfect choice for the perfumery industries all over the world.


2.      Davana Ether– This component of the herb, which is also known as divan ether or methyl cinnamate, is responsible for imparting a sweet tone to the essential oil, providing it a aromatic profile and making it one of the best addition to the diffusions which an individual can get. 


1.      Nordavanone– Another main essential compound which is usually found in organic Davana Oil, contributing to the complexity of the fragrance which gives a new note to the individuals with different needs and likings.

2.      Isodavanone– This is known as stereoisomer of davanone, making Davana oil beneficial for various purposes in health and other industries, as the isodavanone increases and enhances the olfactory experience of the organic Davana oil.

3.      Davanafurans– Davanafurans, which is usually known as furanocoumarin compounds which help in contributing to the unique fragrance of the oil, and makes it one of the best available in the market, having various health and therapeutic benefits.

Health Benefits of Organic Davana Essential Oil

Organic Davana Essential oils, is one of the best known for the therapeutic and health benefits for well being of the individuals all over the world. Organic Davana is used for various purposes like healing of the wounds faster, helps in curing of common cold and other issues like dealing with fatigue, menstrual cramps, nausea and other issues which are commonly faced by the individuals in day to day life. Some of the major health benefits are as follows-

1.      Antimicrobial Properties- Organic Davana Essential oil, is one major component that has demonstrated beneficial activity to work with antimicrobial activities against many bacteria’s and fungi’s which are caused to get various diseases in individuals. 

2.      Anti-inflammatory Effects- Many major components of Davana oil like davanone and divan ether, have been proved to be beneficial in exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties to fight against some of the major diseases caused in the current era. This anti-inflammatory property of this essential oil makes it one of the major potential oil for addressing inflammatory conditions of individuals both in topical and aromatic conditions.

3.      Antioxidant Activity- The presence of the above given antioxidants in Organic oil helps individuals in combating with stress and fatigue in day to day life of  individuals all over the world.  These kinds of antioxidants may help in the oil’s contribution  to the cellular health and potentially risks which an individual is having heart issues and skin allergies.

4.      Emotional Well-being- the unique fragrance and it’s ability to merge with many different notes and fragrances makes it unique for all the perfumery industries. These kinds of fragrances and notes are beneficial in dealing with stress, anxiety and nervous tension and also are used for the mood enhancing properties when used in aromatherapy and spas. These antioxidants which are available Davana essential oil are used to promote a sense of calming and relaxing environment.

5.      Menstrual Support- Davana oil with it’s rich properties has been used traditionally since centuries for curing the issues related with menstrual health of females all over the globe. Davana in various forms has been used since ages to cure the menstrual health of females causing a relaxing environment for them and helping them to achieve success. The rich properties of oil also help in curing cramps and promoting a sense of well being of females during menstruation.

6.      Aphrodisiac Properties- these components of the Essential oil, are responsible for the sweet and fruity aroma of the oil, is thought to have aphrodisiac qualities, making ot one of the most popular choice in creation of various notes of fragrances and massage oils for individuals with different likings and needs.

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Davana oil produced and processed at Pavitramenthe fair organic private limited is one of the best produced Davana oil in the Indian sub-continent, as the oil here is produced using all the organic parameters and fair for life approach for all the individuals who are connected with the organisation in one way or another.

Conclusion: As a last word, in unravelling the tapestry of Essential Davana Oil, we tend to discover  a plant that in rich in both fragrance and therapeutic potential for the individuals all over the globe. The chemical components which are found in the oil, contribute to the emotional and physical well being of individuals and environment as a whole. As we continue in the production and processing of the Organic Davana oil, the magnificent oil stands out as one of the major fragrant and multifaceted gem, making it’s way into the fabric of holistic well being of the planet.



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