personal Skincare in Modern Era

Redefining the personal Skincare in Modern Era: A Shift in the Skincare

Introduction to Skincare in 21st Era

In the current era of 21st century, where personal healthcare and skincare have become one of the most important things to be taken care of, use of antioxidants laden products has become a synonym of skincare in the global market.  From promising the miracle transformations to ensuring the sustainability of the products as well as the planet, organic products and remedies have became a name of wellness in the current scenario, revolutionizing the wellness industry all over the globe. From the ancient herbal remedies to the cutting edge of botanical extracts, the spotlight of the organic industries these days is on harnessing the power of the natural ingredients and herbs to redefine the personal skincare in the modern era. This major shift in the skincare industry and the use of natural ingredients for wellness industry, the growth rate reflects the consumer preferences for clean and sustainable ingredients for personal use as well as underscoring a deeper understanding of the roles which antioxidants play in promoting the wellness of an individual with natural products and promoting the skin health with overall well being of an individual.

Understanding the Antioxidants: Defense against Pollution

Antioxidants are one of the major components which help in the maintaining the skin health and overall wellness of individuals all over the world.

1-      The making of Anti-oxidants– Antioxidants are considered to be the small molecules, which form a main part of the herbs, and spices which are considered to be very helpful in curing various signs of aging and other things which affect the human wellness.

2-      Natural antioxidants- While some of the antioxidants are produced by the body naturally in order to deal with the pollutants and issues which have been in the spotlight since last decades. The external factors of the environment like UV radiation and other pollutants affect the human body especially the skincare and aging factors which makes a huge impact on the overall wellness of an individual. The busy schedule and various pollutants which are present in the ecosystem have been majorly impacting the human body and skin.

Personal Skincare in Modern Era

1.       Turmeric– turmeric is considered to be one of the best spice which can be used in order to be used as ayurvedic medicine and antioxidant properties which can be used in order to deal with the acne and various other skin diseases which are caused due to major pollution factors in the current era. The major antioxidant which is found in turmeric is curcumin, which has been used since ages in various civilizations for curing skin diseases and other diseases which affect the human body. Turmeric is known to reduce the inflammation in body and reduce the risk of heart diseases by improving the endothelial functions of the body.


2.       Rosemary– Rosemary is one of the major fragrant herbs, which is known for the possession of the antioxidant properties, primarily due to the carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid, which help in the maintenance of the body functions of individuals maintaining the overall wellness of individuals all over the globe. These compounds of the rosemary oil help in the protection of the cells from having anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects in order to deal with the acne and other skin issues which individual might face in the current era.


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3.       Ginger– Ginger is one of the main spice, which is used in all the Indian households in various cuisines and dishes offering a wide range of benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is one of the spice which is loaded with antioxidants such as gingerol, shogaol and zingerone. These compounds of the spice are considered to be one of the best in order to deal with various skin issues and other health problems which might occur due to n number of reasons. These compounds of ginger are considered to be one of the best remedies in natural setting.


4.       Basil– Basil is considered to be one of the most versatile herbs, having a rich history in the traditional as well as the mythological stories. The basil as plant is considered to be one of the most sacred plants in the Indian subcontinent and all over the globe. Some of the main anti-oxidants which are flavonoids and polyphenols which are helpful in protecting the cells from the damage and provide an anti-inflammatory benefits to deal with the various issues which usually occur in the current era.


5.       Chamomile– Chamomile is one of the major herbs that is used all over the world for the better skin and various other problems including the gut health and other problems that might occur due to various pollutants that are present in air these days and cause major skin issues like acne and other issues.

 Anti-Inflammatory properties in the era of Personal Care

As we move forward in the era of sustainable and better agricultural things in 21st century. Some of the natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help in the maintenance of the better skin and healthy health in this era where pollution and other issues are spreading their hands all over the world. Pavitramenthe by harnessing the power of the skincare regime delivers some of the best results in the healthy skin and internal healthcare.  From dealing with the ancient wisdom and dealing with the benefits of the herbs and spices since ages, the cutting edge science helps in making more radiant skin which help us in embracing the ture power and potential of the natural anti-oxidants, being one of the major testament to the endurance of the beauty of mother nature’s gifts. 

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