organic coriander

Discover beyond spice: The ultimate powers of Organic Coriander

Introduction: When it comes to the moving in the culinary delight of various cuisines all over the world, coriander seeds and powder serves as one of the major spice which adds on to the distinct flavor of the dish. Infused with a distinct note, aroma and a high class flavor which makes the dish stand out, with all the nutrition and minerals which can contribute to the well being of an individual. This small tiny seed, when produced and processed with all organic standards stands as a robust seed which is well known for it’s aroma and nutritional values all over the globe. This tiny seed can be seen as a whole rich paramedic of minerals and nutritional values which makes it very useful in various industries in order to maintain physical , mental and emotional well being of an individual. This small seed can be consumed in various forms such as whole seed powder and TBC in order to make infusions in teas and herbal drinks.

History of organic coriander

Since ancient civilizations, the coriander has been consumed all over the world in civilizations like Egyptians and Greeks, who used it in various means and ways.

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1. Egypt- In the ancient times, Egyptians used to bury coriander alongside the pharaohs, as they had a belief that burying coriander with the body can unlock the powers of immortality and provide peace in afterworld.

2. Greek and Roman – In ancient greek and roaman civilizations this small seed has been used as spice to enhance the flavor of the dishes prepared and also these seeds have numerous medicinal benefits.

3. India– In indian culture, the seed has been used since ancient times to enhance the flavors of the dishes all over the indian subcotinent and contribute to healthy physical and mental well being of an individual.

organic coriander

Nutrient values of the seed

The small tiny seed is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals which are helpful in maintaining the well being of an individual. Organic coriander seeds are rich in chemical components which help in the maintenance of healthy body and mind of a person. The minerals the seed is rich in are as follows-

1. Linalool- this terpene alcohol plays a major role in providing coriander seeds it’s floral aroma, which makes it to be easily found in citrus fruits and flowers.

2. Geraniol- this alcohol, is responsible for adding a sweet rose like flavour to the seeds and maintaining a balance.

3. Borneol- this terpene contributes to the coriander’s camphor like smell and enhances the flovor in the dishes.

4. Alpha-pinene and beta-pinene- these are responsible in giving coriander it’s piney scent which makes it also available in trees like pines and rosemary.

5. Vitamins- organic coriander seeds are rich source of vitamins like vitamin A, C and K which makes it one of the best to deal with various diseases and health issues.

6. Minerals- Coriander seeds are full of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which are considered to be vital minerals for a better functioning of a human body in a required way.

7. Fiber- dietary fiber is one of the major component of coriander seeds, which makes it one of the best to be consumed as it is highly useful in promoting the gut health, regulating blood pressure, sugar levels and prevention of constipation. Coriander can be considered to be one of the best seed to be consumed in order to maintain the gut health of a person.

8. Protein- coriander seeds and powder are seen as a major source of protein all over the world, owing to this quality of the seed it is used in many pharmaceutical industries to make medicines and herbal teas.


Health Benefits of Organic Coriander seeds

Organic coriander seeds are used in numerous ways to be included in daily diet and maintaining and enhancing the well being of an individual on every aspect. Some of the major health benefits of organic coriander seeds are as follows-

1. Digestive Aid- One of the most important benefit of consuming coriander seeds in various forms is that coriander seeds when consumed in raw or powdered form help in enhancing and maintaining the gut health of individuals. The seed is also very useful in supporting the digestive system and is known to help in problems like bloating, gas and other digestive problems which a person faces in day to day life related to gut health.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties– organic coriander seeds and ground coriander seeds are rich in bioactive components like linalool and borneol, which have the high properties enhancing the inflammation in the body and skin. The essential oil and consumption of the seeds is considered to be very useful in many serious issues like arthritis and bowel diseases. These diseases can happen to a person due to many reasons such as change in living conditions, water changes and major pollution in the area, which can be easily cured by the consumption of organic coriander seeds in everyday life.

3. Heart Heath- Various researches which have been done all over the world with major medical professionals have proved that consumption of organic coriander seeds when done on daily basis can reduce the chances of having heart related issues and maintain healthy heart in all conditions. The antioxidants which the seed is rich in help in releasing stress and enhance the well being of an individual.

4. Blood sugar regulation- for individuals suffering from sugar related issues, organic coriander seeds can be seen as one of the major thing which can help in dealing with high sugar levels and maintain sugar levels in the body. According to various researches, coriander can act as a supplement which may increase insulin sensitivity and lower the glucose level in blood helping in maintaining sugar levels.

5. Liver Health – Organic coriander is also considered as one of the major supplement which is helpful in maintaining the liver health of an individual owing to various minerals and chemical components which are present in the seeds. The chemical components which are present in the seed are used in order to produce the enzymes which are involved in the process of detoxification and resulting in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body enhancing the gut health and liver well being.

6. Stress reduction and sleep aid- Organic coriander is also very helpful is promoting the process of stress reduction and relieving the process of getting rid of the sleep problems.


Conclusion: Coriander seeds can be seen as a major source of minerals and vitamins, which result in the mental and physical well being of individuals all over the world. With pavitramenthe discover the richness and benefits of organic coriander ad dive into the benefits of the small tiny seed which can prove to be a booster for the gut health and overall better well being of people all across the world.

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