Benefits of Organic Tagetes oil

Unlocking the Benefits of Organic Tagetes Oil’

Introducing the Yellow beauty of tagetes

Tagetes oil which is derived from the plant of tagetes erecta and tagetes minuta plants which is usually found and grown whole of the Indian sub continent is used for various purposes from traditional to medicinal uses and from food industry to the perfumery industry. Tagetes is one of the major essential oil composed of a rich history having diverse application and impressive therapeutic uses for individuals all over the world. In this current article we are going to be dwelling into the origin of the tagetes oil and the methods which are used for the extraction of the organic tagetes oil and the chemical composition of the oil which makes it one of the best to be used for maintaining the well being of an individual. The organic tagetes oil is considered to be highly rich in it’s application for the well being of an individual and anti inflammatory properties and therapeutic properties of the plant which makes it one of the best to be used in the wellness activities of the individuals.

Orign and Cultivation of organic Tagetes oil in India

The tagetes plant belongs to the asteraceae family, which is commonly known as daisy or sunflower family. The family is basically belonging to the central and south America and exported all over the world as the civilizations changed and world moved ahead in the process of wellness and emotional well being of individuals all over the world. These plants and flowers have a rich history of uses all over the world in various traditions and medicinal uses, for example the plant and it’s flowers have been used all over the Indian subcontinent in the religious functions and important functions.

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There are various species of the plant which are used to extract oil of the tagetes oil. Some of the the species which are used to extract the oil are as follows-

1.      African Marigold- African marigold is used basically in the dying process of clothes and papers which are made in the mills. When the tagetes plant is dried and used in the dying process and to make paints for the artists and other individuals making organic paints and powders which are free from chemicals and pesticides.

2.      Tagetes Minuta- Tahetes minute has been one of the major food that is been eaten in all the continents in various ways. The plant has been eaten all over the continents since pre-colubian times. Dried leaves of the plants have been used as a seasoning and paste to be used in making many dishes and beverages. Herbal teas of the this plant can be used for making better living and enhance the well being of the individuals in everyday stress and other problems. The extract of this oil can be used in order to make different notes of perfumes and body mists and also these can be used in making different kinds of soft drinks.

Extraction methods of organic tagetes oil in India

In India, there are various ways which have been used in order to make extracts of tagetes oil which can be used in order to make organic tagetes oil in India. Some of the best ways to extract organic tagetes oil in india are as follows-

1-      Steam Distillation- Organic tegetes oil in india is usually used in order to maintain the well being of individuals all over the world with various kinds of oils like crude oil and organic oil which are made with the process of steam distillation where distillation of the flower and other parts of the plant are used and distilled in order to make organic tagetes oil to be used in various industries and forms.


2-      Steam distillation of tagetes hydrosol- tagetes hydrosol can also be obtained using steam distillation which can be used in raw form for better skin quality and fighting the inflation in the skin problems.

The distilled and diluted tagetes oil can be used in various forms such as perfumery and ayurvedic industry in order to maintain the well being of the individuals and making the planet go chemical free and make it worth to be in.

Benefits of Organic Tagetes oil

Sustainable organic tagetes oil in india

Sustainable and organic targeted oil in India is made and produced all over the Himalayan belt of the country which is composed of the regions like Bareilly, Pilibhit and other regions which falls on the lower belt of Himalayan region. The lower belt of the Himalayan region is considered to be the most fertile belt for the growth and production of tagetes flower in the country and with the same the best of the tagetes oil quality is produced in the world.

At Pavitramenthe some of the major practices are used in order to produce the best and organic tagetes oil in the world. Some of the practices which are used at the organisation are as follows-

1.      Sustainability- sustainable practices like use of organic fertilizers and biocompost are some of the major practices that are being used in the farming by the members who are connected to the organization in order to give the best output to the customers and maintain a balance in the environment.


2.      Traceability –all the produce which is made and produced is made with proper traceability forms and procedure in order to trace any form of impurity which might occur in the produce and can cause imperfection in the whole lot.


3.      Transparency- full transparency is maintained in production of our organic oil production in india in order to maintain the trust of all the stakeholders of the organisation and maintain the transparency with all the stakeholders that they are being provided with the best of the material.

Conclusion: As a conclusion, one may say that pravitramenthe is one the best organisations to produce and provide organic tagetes oil india, with fully sustainable and transparent policies in order to maintain the sustainability and transparency of the products which we are producing in all the sustainable and transparent manner.



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