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Together we will heal the earth.

How We Started ?

Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nihal Singh started his journey in 2003. His journey has been full of learnings and overcoming obstacles. He is born as a farmer and completed B.Sc. Agri from Chaudhari Charan Singh University, Merut in 2004.

We work with the smallholder farmers and produce authentic organic products with the help of Regenerative organic farming practices. Our project is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. We are cultivating, exporting, suppling a range of high-quality Food Grains, Indian Spices, Herbs, Pulses, Vegetables, Jaggery, Brown Sugar, Flours, Edible Oils, Essential oils (Mentha, basil, chamomile, rose, davana etc.) etc. Our products are organic & Fair for Life (FFL) Certified.He started his journey by farming in his own farm and running an Agri Clinic (Business). He experienced that the chemical farming is very harmful for land productivity, health of human being and for the nature at a large scale. He felt bad by this and took a step to search an alternative way of farming that could heal the nature and provide healthy food as well. He started organic farming in his own farm and motivated other farmers as well.

During 2006 to 2015, he worked with Phalada Agro Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore as a ‘Consultant’ for Organic Certified Mint Cultivation Project.

During 2009 to 2012, he started working with Earth oil India Pvt. Ltd. as an Input Project Manager.

In 2015 He raised himself as a young agripreneur and founded Creation Biotech in 2015 with a beautiful vision “together we will heal the earth”. He is a nature loving person and wants to do his best for the society and nature. He started with 301 farmers in 2015 and currently have 2500 registered small holder farmers, who are practicing Regenerative organic farming in India.

In 2018 he founded a new LLP in the name of Pavitramenthe for the same vision.

Mr. Nihal Singh
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