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Fair For Life

Sharing Values Worldwide

Pavitramenthe is running a lot of projects under Fair for Life. Our Fair For Life project focuses on social welfare, health & safety, environmental welfare, soil health, etc. Pavitramenthe Fair Organic Pvt. Ltd. is Fair for Life Certified and provides fair-for-life certified products.

Fair for Life is a certification program that focuses on ensuring that workers and farmers in the agricultural supply chain are treated fairly and with respect for their human rights. The program is based on the principles of social responsibility, fair trade, and sustainability, and it is applicable to a wide range of agricultural products.

Our Organization meets a set of rigorous standards related to social responsibility and fair trade. These standards cover a wide range of issues, such as fair wages, safe working conditions, and freedom of association. In addition, companies must demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by implementing environmentally friendly practices and minimizing their impact on the environment.

We have a traceability system that allows us to track our products from the farm to the final consumer. This ensures that certified products are not only produced in a socially responsible and sustainable manner but also that they can be traced back to their origin.

Overall, Fair for Life certification provides consumers with assurance that the products they are purchasing have been produced in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, and that the workers and farmers who produced them have been treated fairly and with respect for their human rights.

Social Welfare

During the Global Pandemic situation, Pavitramenthe helped approx 15000 farmers and poor families in the project area (200 villages) along with Bareilly, Chandausi, Aonla, and Budaun. Pavitramenthe distributed Soap, Hand sanitizer, N95 Face Mask, Kit of Essential Food Items containing Wheat Flour, Rice, Sugar, Mustard Oil, Pulses, Herbal Tea, Spices, Salt, Jaggery, Fruits, etc. in the lockdown time. Pavitramenthe also provide employment to village women for stitching face mask and distribute the same to community welfare. Pavitramenthe also encouraged the Police warriors for their efforts against COVID-19. In the second inning of COVID-19 here in Uttar Pradesh, when the peoples were facing a very horrible time due to the same, that time Pavitramenthe came up with 10 Oxigen Concentrators to facilitate those peoples; who were covid infected and having difficulty in breathing and save many lives in this way. Also, Pavitramenthe distributed 5000 kits of medications e.g., herbal Kada, many herbs and medicines, etc. along with face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. for farmers and community peoples who were suffering from COVID infections. Also, given awareness on the precautions to safeguard from COVID-19. Pavitramenthe also planning to provide some more oxygen concentrators for community welfare to give them the strength to fight against COVID-19. our products are Fair For Life Certified Products.many peoples have started their small business of stitching at their family to upgrade the living standard.pavitramenthe provides Fair For Life Certified Products.

Sanitary Pad Distribution
Sanitary Pad Distribution
Sanitary Pad Distribution

Pavitramenthe helped some women who were engaged in running a small-scale business and having to lack some basic facilities in their business. Pavitramenthe helped them by providing solar lamps so that they will get sufficient light in the evening as well. Pavitramenthe arranged to inset hand-pumps and installed water dispensers to facilitate people with sufficient drinkable water so that many people can avail the facility. Pavitramenthe also organized free medical camps by a team of expert doctors of Devalk Netralay in the project area. Many peoples availed benefits from it. They got health assistance, specs, and medicines there according to their need. Pavitramenthe also distributes woolen blankets, sweaters, and stoles to the poor farmers in the winter season to help them. Pavitramenthe distributes In-conversion and organic premium to farmers for promoting organic and fair trade cultivation. We provide farmers floor price (cost of production including margin and market price whichever is higher). Pavitramenthe provided skills development training as well to make the people especially females, financially stable by utilizing their spare time. Pavitramenthe helps the marriage of poor girls by gifting their essential things. Pavitramenthe has organized skill development classes for stitching and computer education for the village youth generation for their social and financial development. Many females have started their small business of stitching at their home and helping their family to upgrade the living standard. Pavitramenthe provides fair for life certified products.

Health & Safety

We take care of full precautions of the Health & Safety of workers & employees at work place all times. We provide Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) for labours; engaged in working at distillation units in hazardous area. We provide them Gloves, Safety Goggles, Aprons, Shoes, First aid boxes etc. We also provide fire extinguisher buckets to all registered distillation units. We are against of force labour and child labour. We have agreement with regd. farmers regarding this condition. Pavitramenthe provide or arrange trainings on Safety measures by reputed trainers time to time to ensure safety awareness in all staff and farmers all times. We also distributed sanatory napkins to village women and girls and make them aware for mentruation hygine managment.

Enviornment welfare & Soil Health

We have restricted the registered farmers to burn crop waste in the field. We promote them for making compost from their crop waste. We also give training to farmers for Input management and making Vermi Compost & Thermophilic Compost unit on their land by themself, that cost really low to them. We provide Vermi Compost to farmers for free to maintain the organic matter in the soil. It also improves water holding capacity, productivity, and the number of microbes in the soil on their farm. We provide Roof Railing Pipes and Agro Shade net along with earthworms to help in making the farmer’s own vermicompost units. We distribute planting material for fruit trees to farmers so that we can keep the environment healthy. People can get unlimited benefits for a lifetime from trees. We have a minimum of 5 plants to each farmer. We provide hoes (Agriculture equipment) to farmers for free; new equipment for weeding purposes. It is also reducing the cost of weeding and increases production as well. We provided on-farm training to farmers for making Vermicompost, Jeevamrut, Beejamrut, Pesticide, etc. as per need. We arrange to install irrigation channels in the needy areas. We prepare thermophilic compost for sale at subsidy prices to farmers; which could reduce the cost of production with increase productivity and enriching the soil health. We encourage farmers to green manuring and distribute green manuring seeds to farmers for free. That increases the fertility of the land and enriches the soil. We also provide Biofertilizers to our farmers to help them in maintaining the organic matter in soil with the help of regenerative organic farming practices.

Contribution in Education Sector

Pavitramenthe also provides training to farmers & staff to improve their efficiency at work. We give proper guidance to farmers for farming and motivate staff to work hard with honesty & efficiency. We train the farmers on several subjects e.g. FFL, Organic standards, livestock, fisheries, honey beekeeping, pickle making, composting, safety measures, equipment operation, Soil health, and Crop rotation. green manuring etc. We also organize training programs for our staff from time to time, by competent trainers e.g. SGS, Ecocert, IVRI, KVK, Supabiotech, Focus U, Wise International, etc. about Organic, FFL standards, Safety Measures, composting, management, and leadership skills, etc. We also encourage bright students in village schools to further their education. We help some orphan children financially along with educational facilities. We distribute playing kits to children to encourage them to unite along with sports spirit.



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