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We Are Best In Our Field


Real Organic Products

We are grower and supplier of real (authentic) organic products with Organic, Fair for Life and Regenerative Certification at very reasonable price. We grow these products by regenerative agriculture practice. Our aim is to supply the world with pure organic and quality products.

Employment Opportunities

We are generating employment for peoples by following non-discrimination policy. We are offering our employees and workers a fair, healthy and safe working environment with fair wages. We take care of basic rights of all workers. We provide social benefits to our workers with all legal obligations. We treat our employees and workers as a family member.

Profit Sharing

We share our profit with farmers, community and employees as well. We spend a significant portion of our profit in community development projects. We offer bonus to our employees as well.

Skill Development

We encourage the young generation and women for skill development. We are providing skill development classes for Computer education for youth and stitching for women and girls. We also provide support to small scale business of women in village, who are running embroidery work at their home for their livelihood.

Floor Price Policy

We have provision of floor price on purchasing from farmers, so that they always get profit on their produce, even if the market crash. Floor price contains cost of produce with profit margin. If market price high, than we purchase on the high market price, if market crashes, than we purchase on floor price.

Premium Facility

We provide 10% organic premium to farmers on organic produce; and we provide 5% premium during the in-conversion period as well. Along with this we also spend the Fair trade premium for the farmers’ and community welfare.

Transparency with Trading Partners

We maintain complete transparency with our customers. Our customers can visit the project at any time. They can check the products and we also provide them access to some relevant documents as well. They also can check the traceability of the supplied product. We ensures that relevant information is provided to all our trading partners.

Eco-Friendly Practices

We are keen to maintain nature friendly environment to protect the threatened and endangered species and maintains the natural eco system. We also keen to minimize wastage of water, contamination of ground water, recycling of water to conserve it and maximize the usage. Also keen for minimizing the wastage and increasing the underground water label. We do our best to minimized to the Air pollution at maximum extent.

Compete Traceability

We are working closely with farmers. We maintain the traceability to the entire supply chain; from sowing till the final packaging. we keep a track of all the processes involved with the product, which ensures complete traceability. We can check the source of end products at any time from the traceability records.

Social Welfare & Empowerment of Marginalized Community

We, as a Fair Trade organization identify the socially weak, ignored & marginalized community members and develop our business module in a way so that they can also become a part of our organic & fair trade program and benefited by it and also socially, communally & economically uplift. We are running many projects for the marginalized farmers and social welfare e.g. Toilet construction, in-set hand-pumps, fruit trees planting material distribution, organisation of medical camps, skill development programs, training etc.

Connecting Farmers to Global Market

Our farmers members are small land holders. It’s very difficult for them to afford the certification expenses and follow the certification procedures to get their produce certified; and marketing of products at international level. hence, we involve our self in the entire supply chain to ensure the organic produce meet the highest quality. We assure by marketing their products in international market, that the farmers, who are the producers must get a fair price for their produce.